White Rabbit Food Truck - Blog 1 (11/17/12)

Welcome! This is the first entry of what I hope to be many. If you know me, you know I love food. Watching Man v Food and Kitchen Nightmares (speaking of the restaurants AFTER Gordon Ramsay fixed them up) I realized that there are all of these amazing places to eat around the country that I really want to try, hence me starting a food blog. Since I can’t travel the country just quite yet, I am staying local and documenting all of my food adventures worth mentioning. Enjoy.

My first trip on this culinary journey of mine was to the White Rabbit Filipino Fusion Food Truck. The White Rabbit takes tradition Mexican dishes such as tacos and burritos and provide their own version of them using Filipino flavors to provide a different dish altogether. I found out about this food truck from watching Man v Food Nation. Their website, ( http://whiterabbittruck.com/ )updates weekly on where the food truck will be during lunch and dinner hours. In addition to the food truck, The White Rabbit also owns two cafes, one in Oxnard and another in Canoga Park that both have an expanded menu. I was just looking at the café menu and saw that they have carne asada fries so now I need to go try them one day. Here is a clip from Man v Food Nation of Adam Richman’s trip to the White Rabbit. Everything on the White Rabbit starts at 2:20, but I recommend watching the whole video to look at the other great food trucks there are around the country:


Earlier this week, I was on the White Rabbit’s website and decided to take my first visit this past Wednesday when the truck would be parked right outside of Ernst & Young in Downtown LA. 

Imagine a very peaceful plaza surrounded by lush, green trees smack next to the towering skyscraper that is Ernst & Young on a cool fall afternoon. Men and woman on their lunch breaks sparsely populated the area. Some are in line to get lunch and some a hundred feet away sitting down and already enjoying a delicious meal. The White Rabbit wasn’t alone in the plaza like I thought it would be, but there was also a truck that sold lobster and crab rolls as well as a truck selling Greek food, which both quickly caught my eye.

To say my expectations were high is an understatement. I was expecting a giant line once I got there and complete chaos, however once I did arrive there, I was a little surprised with what I saw. There weren’t hordes of people crowding the truck like I thought. Even arriving a little after twelve, the line wasn’t crazy. I maybe waited in line for a couple of minutes before my order was taken. I guess I was expecting this giant spectacle just because White Rabbit was on TV.

When it comes to burritos, the first thing I think about is size. I compare everything to burritos from Chipotle and Cilantro (a little Mexican food spot near LAX) since I think those are some pretty hefty burritos and worth the price. Here’s a pic I took before I started eating:

At first glance, I was kind of disappointed. For seven dollars I was expecting a little more. I ordered a chicken adobo burrito. All of White Rabbit’s burritos come with garlic rice, egg, and cheese. Egg and a burrito? Isn’t that just a breakfast burrito? You would think, but no. From the moment I took my first bite, I didn’t feel like I was eating a breakfast burrito at all. White Rabbit really did a great job at taking something that people are familiar with, burritos, and adding their own unique Filipino fusion to it. There was a sweetness that I didn’t expect, but worked great. It wasn’t overpowering and balanced well with all the other ingredients. There were perfect portions of every ingredient so everything was able to shine to create a very different burrito and one great eating experience.

The inside look:

The Verdict:

The White Rabbit has food that should definitely be tried once on the sole reason of their creative approach to a familiar type of food. I only had a burrito, but I would love to try their tacos, rice bowl, or go out to one of their cafes and try their carne asada fries. Once I finished my burrito, I was pretty full, but not too long after, that feeling disappeared. Personally I feel it was maybe $1 to $1.50 overpriced. If you’re into trying something with a twist, White Rabbit will satisfy that need.

Rating: 3.5 Squares         

(out of 5)